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Emergency Shelter for Women Sojourner is the emergency shelter program for adult women who are homeless. This facility provides safe place to shower, eat a meals, and rest for the night for homeless women.

Emergency Shelter for Men Safe Haven is a place for homeless men to spend the night, take a shower, and eat meals.

Individual Case Management will address the challenges in the individual's life. After their challenges are identified they are provided access to the programs and help they need. We have aided many men and women move beyond drug addiction, alcoholism, mental illness to stabilize their lives.

Transitional Housing is the next step in moving an individual to becoming more independent. Men’s Transitional is the transitional program for adult men, and ABIDE is the transitional program for adult women.

Prison Reentry is a program that provides an address and place to stay for former inmates to avoid homelessness. We have separate prison reentry programs for men and women.

The Light Is On: Highlighting Homelessness

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